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The Simmering Mind is 3 Years Old! – Some Site Stats

Today is a commemoration post – this blog has been here for three years as of today!  I didn’t blog faithfully in the beginning, and things petered out for awhile, but I am excited to report that since March 22, 2014 (when I began blogging weekly), the Simmering Mind has been going strong! This post […]

Why Katniss Everdeen Has No Hope – But We Do

A common beef Christians have with dystopian stories is that they are hopeless.  It’s common because it can be very true – dystopias are designed to display a reality where all feels lost, where people feel crushed and hopeless, and evil has all the power.  So it makes sense that books and movies in this […]

Confessions of a Pathetic Weakling – God’s Grace at the End of my Rope

One day a couple of months ago, if you had walked into my home in the mid-morning, you would have found this scene: Mom dozing off on the couch, sick and dizzy with some unexplainable bug on top of my morning sickness. Toddlers breaking into the upstairs bathroom. Baby woken in the next room by […]

Lack of Postings – Why??

Some of you might have noticed that I didn’t post last week. I almost forgot to do it this week too! I promise this blogging laziness won’t become a habit, but right now I’ve been thrown off my game by a couple of factors: 1. As I expected, my morning sickness has gotten worse…it’s been […]