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The Secret Signature of the Soul

Any time I start to write a post and have to find a quote from C.S. Lewis, I end up spending forever browsing quotes from him online, because they are all so good. This quote completely hijacked my blogging attempts for today, and made me start a whole new post about it: “You may have noticed […]

On Teaching VBS – or – Going Outside My Comfort Zone

I signed up to teach at VBS this year. Well, kind of. I looked at the signup sheet, and was feeling daring that day.  I thought, “Hey, I’ll step outside my comfort zone and just do this.” I put my name down for the 3rd grade – with a question mark next to it.  I […]

You Know You’re (Really) a Grown-Up When…

I have graduated high school, gotten married, had children, bought a car, and passed drinking age.  All those things notwithstanding, I feel like this past year or two was when I really claimed my adulthood, for the first time. Sure, I still have an inner child and I hope she will never go away!…but this […]

Three Great Story Crafting Tips

The funny thing about writing fiction is that the more you know about making your stories good, the harder it gets to write them! Here are some of the best writing tips I have learned and implemented recently, along with the great resources where I found them.  These have really revitalized my writing habits and […]