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Life and the Image of God

Last Sunday my mom told me a cool way to remember what God made each day of creation.  The first three days were “making” days: light, water and sky, land and plants.  He built the structures necessary to sustain life.  Then He followed those with three “filling” days, and filled those structures with stars and moons, […]

We’re Going to Knock Your Wall Down

Once during my most recent pregnancy, I had a disturbing dream which perfectly described my mental state that week. I dreamt I was struggling my daughter into her car seat, and she was misbehaving, fighting me tooth and nail.  Suddenly a woman in a neighboring car offered to take my daughter and the car seat […]

Oops. Sorry!

I don’t usually blog Mondays, but I felt I needed to come out and say this: It was brought to my attention this morning that the painting of the crucifixion in my last post may have offended some brothers and sisters in Christ, due to their convictions on the 2nd commandment.  (And it was a […]

10 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore (Because Sin is a Terminal Illness)

Do your thoughts, plans, hopes, intentions, and actions revolve around something other than God? Have you felt worshipful toward any images of God, Jesus, or false gods? Do you reshape your “vision” of God based on your own passions, prejudices, or any source other than His Word? Do you use His name flippantly or without […]

Until My Lord Release Me or Death Take Me

I often have to remind myself that the Christian life is a life of discomfort. We must be uncomfortable with ourselves, striving to greater godliness and fleeing from our sin daily. We must be uncomfortable with the extent of our knowledge of God, seeking His face and searching His word diligently, even desperately, every day. […]