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Harry Hater to Potterhead: A Christian Reader’s Journey (Part II)

The end of Part I left off when I, onetime vicious detractor of Harry Potter, went to the library and checked out Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  I wanted to read the series for myself, to understand whether my former opinions were true, as well as to scope out what made the bestselling books […]

Thursday Ramblings – 1.26.12

Thursday is the new Tuesday! Writing This Week: I am currently pounding out a new chapter of The Queen in the Wooden Box.  I’ve been wanting to TKT (yes, I do use that as a verb…years of TKTing has caused that), but my priority this week is cousin-pleasing!  Although, I suppose, I don’t know exactly […]

No Tuesday Ramblings?

Today is Tuesday!  So there should be a Ramblings, no? Well…here’s the thing.  I’ve gradually come to realize that Tuesday is a terrible day for me to blog.  It’s the day I go grocery shopping (“fooding”, as we say in my family) and so all my free time and computer time on Tuesday is taken […]

In Your Book Were Written…

Our pastor is currently preaching a short sermon series on Psalm 139.  This has been one of my favorite passages for years – it is such an amazing text about God’s providence, knowledge, and wisdom.  He knows us to the very depths of our souls, even before birth. “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me […]

Harry Hater to Potterhead: A Christian Reader’s Journey (Part I)

I must have been barely a teen when the Harry Potter craze struck, sweeping all our friends away with it.  I don’t remember asking to read the books, or even if the first movie was out yet.  I just recall that many of our friends were obsessed, and my parents made the decision to ban […]