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Sabbath Joy: The Love of Christ

A deep but beautiful commentary on the love of our Saviour. “[Christ’s] love is free, without any motive. His love is great, without any measure. His love is constant, without any change. And His love is everlasting, without any end. It was the love of Christ which brought Him down from heaven, which veiled His […]

Writing for Young Children

Last year I sent my young cousins a leather-bound volume of all seven Narnia books for Christmas.  They were almost the right age for the stories, and to my delight they were read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe this past year, and loved it – so much so that my younger cousin had a […]

Tuesday Ramblings 12.13.11

I apologize for not writing more often. This week has been pretty busy, what with Christmas coming, a cranky baby, and the excitement of a new for-fun story project that has kept me up to late night hours typing away. Stuck in my head today: The Firefly theme song. “You can’t take the sky from […]

Tuesday Ramblings 6/11

A lot of bloggers have a weekly tradition of some kind, usually updating people on what they’re up to.  I wanted to have one at The Simmering Mind, and it seemed only natural that it should be on Tuesdays.  I love Tuesdays!  I was born on a Tuesday.  Years ago I started a tradition of […]