10 Things a Mom of Littles REALLY Wants for Christmas

December 16, 2014

1. Animal crackers.  For the kids.  Well, mostly for the kids.

The ones in the cute boxes are the best, yo.

2. Peace and quiet when she uses the restroom.  (May be difficult to gift wrap.)

3. iTunes gift cards, so she can buy the kids more children’s apps instead of saying, “No, those cost money,” every time.

4.  Babysitting.

5.  Sleep.  A full eight nocturnal hours is best.  Daily naps are nice too, if you have a smaller budget.  Actually just any kind of sleep is a good thing.

Bonus brownie points if you can procure RESTFUL sleep for the tired mom.  You go, gift giver!

6. An end to all wars.  Specifically Mommy Wars.  But it’d be nice for other wars to end too.

7. Reassurance that she truly is doing okay and the kids will be fine.

8.  A day without poop.  Just one day.

9.  Someone else to potty train the toddler.  Somebody!  Anybody!  What, no volunteers?  It can be my birthday present too…?

 10.  And for the mom who has everything – more hugs and kisses and snuggles with the babies.  Because you can never, ever have too many of those!


  1. I think I could use some of those, too! My kids found the baby hand under the door hilarious. They’ve all done it.

    • I don’t think my own kids have actually done that! Our doors aren’t high off the floor enough to stick a little hand in there. But the meme is so funny. 😀

  2. Love it! Haha

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